About Us

Our drive: Perfect Acoustics, Spectacular Design

We carry the sound of our valley out into the world. Our solutions make every room an audibly more beautiful place. We perceive a room as pleasant when it is visually and sonically convincing.

In countless buildings, our solutions ensure a pleasant sound climate with impressive design. With our product range, we create the basis for your interior design. Bring acoustics and aesthetics into harmony with us.

Our history: Unique for 30 years

Our history goes back to 1991, with each milestone marking an important step in our successful company development. Find out here how the path from Lungern out into the world took its course and why Topakustik has been convincing with unique solutions time and again for decades.

30 years acoustics and design

Since the company’s establishment until well into the year 2020, the history of Topakustik AG was inextricably linked to Arthur Fries. As an entrepreneur in the wood industry, Arthur Fries is unique in Switzerland. Possessing a keen instinct, he recognised the potential for acoustic products in the early 1990s when his Topakustik brand laid the groundwork for the success the company enjoys today. Arthur Fries put his stamp on the development of Topakustik AG for many years, both strategically and operationally. In autumn 2020, the staff honoured and said good-bye to the innovative founder of their company. A strong bond remains between him and the company and we look forward to giving him a warm welcome on his visits.

Arthur Fries

Founder, inventor, driving force, long-term director, management board member and management president. 2020 resignation from management board and as management president Our heartfelt thanks for his outstanding commitment and service to the company. We wish him great health and all the best for his future.

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Our responsibility: A daily commitment

We use only sustainably sourced raw materials from certified cultivation for our products. We are committed to transparency, fairness and safety towards our employees. We guarantee our customers the highest quality and best service. We regularly undergo tests to ensure that we always meet the latest standards and certifications. In this way, we take responsibility for the environment and society.

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Quality is never a coincidence. What we do, we do perfectly – to the highest quality for our customers, with respect for the environment, with products that comply with EN standards and with global patent protection for our inventions.

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Sustainability with Topakustik

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Our entire company complies with the FSC® standard regarding Chain of Custody (COC). This authorises Topakustik AG to pass on FSC products that are fully controlled and originate from forests managed in accordance with the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

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Certificate-Acoustics FSC 2022-2027

Topakustik AG has a management system that meets the requirements of the normative basis ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

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Certificate-Acoustics ISO 2020-2023