Striving for Excellence

Taking a holistic view, Topakustik’s products’ genius is revealed as part of the whole, where each room is seen as a resonant chamber; a space where acoustics and design join to complete a pleasing interior environment.

Each space is individual, meaning a unique solution is required each time.  Our experts accommodate every room’s quirks, visual and architectural needs, each time allowing for the acoustic and technical requirements to develop a bespoke, best-case solution. We relish the opportunity. We recognise the need for a streamlined approach from development through manufacturing and into installation and are only happy when the design arrived at is the best solution for that situation.  Creativity and discovery drive our purpose to welcome our day-to-day hurdles.

Topakustik is your solution partner. Our engineering and manufacturing expertise is peerless, as is our commitment to finishing. We use advanced and high-performance technology and manufacturing processes to achieve precision products. Ultimately, it is our ambition to help each client past the delivery and to the end of the completed project.

Designers, architects, end users, contractors, joiners and builders profit from a complete solution suite. Topakustik’s specialists create the ideal solution centred on specific design constraints and needs.

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Step by step to a tailor-made solution

Some problems are not immediately solved, which is when that certain something extra is needed. Real innovations require a perfect combination of development and craftsmanship. The solutions for particularly complex problems are developed in Topakustik’s in-house engineering department. Our goal here is to tinker until we find the answers to all open questions. Our technicians and engineers are familiar with all aspects of timber construction technology. Once the list of requirements and initial outlines are in place, they get down to work immediately. The sketches are followed by a 2D plan, then a 3D plan. We then test the entire system using indi­vidual prototypes and build a true-to-scale mock-up. If the system meets all requirements in terms of functionality and quality, series production begins.


Each piece is handcrafted and unique

The wall and ceiling systems from Topakustik impress thanks to their outstanding quality. Our trained joiners are exceptionally skilled and have many years of experience in working with wood. Every single panel and every single plank is shaped by hand and checked for even the smallest inconsistencies. This results in three-dimensional, custommade, meticulously machined and refined individual parts that come together to form a convincing whole. No machine can produce such special components. This complicated and detailed custom work can only be done by hand. Shaping, bending, surface treatment, edge processing and the final quality checks are therefore carried out by trained joiners. Every piece of an entire structure is one of a kind.


Performance and precision for maximum output

At Topakustik, state-of-the-art technology and meticulous craftsmanship complement each other to create unique production processes. A high-performance machine park is used in serial production, cutting, surface treatment and when creating the absorption bores. This enables repetitive work steps to be carried out at maximum speed, which in turn optimises the logistics processes. High-precision micro-laser technology opens up unimag­ined possibilities when designing micro-perforated sur­faces. The state-of-the art spray robot stains, lubricates and paints surfaces at a surprising speed. Powerful cutting machines shape panels and individual components pre­cisely and quickly. The machine prepares what the craftsman completes. This combination brings together top quality and maximum output.



Trained and supervised by experts

Topakustik develops, manufactures and delivers comprehensive solutions for acoustic wall and ceiling constructions. On-site installation is not included in the Topakustik package. In order to provide staff with the best possible support, our specialists take on the on-site instruction and training of the tradespeople. Customised, complex solution packages in particular require specific expertise during assembly. To ease the burden on the building owner, our engineers provide basic theoret­ical training and practical training for the assembly staff on the construction site. We have the necessary experience in the application of our products and solutions. With our structured quality management system, we guarantee professional instruction throughout the assembly process and ensure safe processes.