Topakustik Grid

Sub-constructions for panels and planks

Topakustik develops acoustic constructions as coherent system solutions. This also includes concealed sub-constructions. These enable the simple assembly and uncomplicated disassembly of individual panels or planks. Topakustik also offers tailor-made solutions for sub-constructions. This creates maximum flexibility in terms of room height, maintenance of concealed installations, architectural requirements and desired installation types.

Topakustik Grid Advantages

  • Tailor-made systems that match the panels and planks
  • Easy installation
  • Dismantling of individual elements for maintenance work
  • Fire protection, earthquake protection
  • Limitless design possibilities (2D, 3D)
  • Ceiling planning
  • Consultation


Topakustik Grid sub-constructions enable the simple and flexible installation of even large-scale ceiling finishes. Planning is carried out in close coordination with the panels and planks used. Each system is a tailor-made solution.


Each structure is put together in such a way that even individual panels can be easily removed. This makes it easier to access and maintain concealed installations.


The Topakustik Grid product line meets the highest safety standards. Topakustik Grid G1 and Topakustik Grid CHS have been tested for fire protection and fall safety. Additionally, Topakustik Grid S11 also takes into account all requirements for earthquake safety.

grid-chs Topakustik Grid CHS
  • Can be used on large-scale ceiling layouts (panel widths up to 1248 mm)
  • Easy mounting of the sub-construction via grid system
  • Can be installed in parallel and English patterns
  • Medium installation height necessary
  • Ideal for all Topakustik panels
grid-g1 Topakustik Grid G1
  • Each panel can be opened by lifting and pulling downwards
  • Simple sub-construction with minimal parts
  • Individual panel widths up to 768 mm possible
  • Low installation height necessary
  • Can be installed in parallel and English patterns
  • Joint at least twice as large as the acoustic groove
grid-s11 Topakustik Grid S11
  • Earthquake-proof according to ASCE 7-10 & IBC 2012
  • Each panel removable for easy maintenance work
  • Ceiling can be easily opened and closed again by means of a spring system
  • Ideal for Topakustik panels
  • Grid panel widths up to 768 mm possible
  • Sub-construction in grid system suitable for Topakustik products
  • Can be installed in parallel and English patterns