Raiffeisenbank, Frutigen

Type: Topakustik Micro

Surface: RESAP® White fir veneered, Aqua Sun-Ex + 0.5% White lacquered

Architect: akkurat bauatelier AG, Thun CH

Photographer: David Bühler, Zürich CH

Country: Switzerland

An interior almost entirely made of silver fir – this is actually an absolutely traditional type of wood in the Bernese Oberland, just think of the stately Bernese farmhouses….
However, the architects akkurat bauatelier AG have convincingly brought the white fir into the present day for the Raiffeisenbank Frutigland.

Simple and elegant wall and ceiling claddings lend the interiors of the bank, which is domiciled in Frutigen, a modern, timeless expression. The ceiling cladding, which we had the pleasure of producing, not only contributes visually to the successful overall result, it also has two additional functions:
Firstly, it is sound-absorbing, which is what you would expect from us as “acoustics specialists”. In addition, it also ensures an ideal room climate, because the panels also serve as cooling ceilings. To be able to fulfil this function, we used our RESAP® panel. RESAP® panels are made of gypsum fibres and are non-combustible. At the same time, they conduct cold as well as heat better than wooden beams and are therefore ideal for this purpose.